Wild Game

Yves' Prime Cut Meats will provide you with butcher-quality cutting, wrapping and product packaging tailored to your specifications for both your domestic and wild game!

We cut and package according to customer requests! All products are immediately flash-frozen at processing to help preserve nutrients, texture and flavour.


Domestic meats must be provincially inspected and certificated or we cannot accept it. Wild game must be cleaned, skinned and quartered before arrival. Head and legs should be removed and the proper game seal must be attached to the carcass or we cannot accept it.


Remember to always treat your meat like GOLD! We realize that meat is expensive and shameful to waste. You should always refrigerate or freeze your meat within the first 24 hours of purchasing it.



A flat rate of $100 is required on all carcasses weighing less than 135 pounds; otherwise domestic meat is $0.60/pound and wild game is $0.75/pound. Addition of pork to processed products is available at an additional $2.50/per pound.